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Seeing the world through little glass windows.

(""(^*o*^)"") [K®îsgøåT]

31 March 1981
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This LJ is the very FIRST place that is updated with exclusive updates on my art, website & products as soon as it is available. I make updates here just about every day. I show off the lineart as sneak peeks from work in progress pieces that are not seen anywhere else. I also post my completed art here the very day I finish them. Information on current, new, and upcoming products can be found rite here as well before anywhere else!

I don’t LJ cut (unless I have a whole lot of pictures to post in one post) so this LJ can get image heavy! I also do not sensor my artwork so occasionally there may be artistic nudity, gore, cuteness etc however my work is mostly rated G.

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I love you!

Goats is Lurve

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